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Our love for our children and our passion for learning has encouraged us to create this oasis.  Express!ons Junior Prep offers a unique learning experience for the foundation phase of a child's schooling.  Children are taught, guided and nurtured in a caring environment. Children spend their days learning in a variety of ways.  In the classroom, in the art room and through creative activities such as drama, dance, yoga, as well as fun and physical games and activities, both indoors and outdoors.   

- Safe and nurturing environment
- Small classes
- Grades RR to 5
- Individual attention
- Flexible Schedule
- Learning through play (experiential application of academic material)
- Holistic approach to develop children's potential and build their self-confidence
- Encourage curiosity and independent thinking
- Open communication 

Growing young resilient minds.

Equipping our children with the skills and tools to be happy and productive in the 'real' world.

Remedial support is available to close any learning gaps.