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Express!ons Kids Club

For most families, afternoons are busy, busy, busy.  A child's day is not over when the bell rings, there is so much that our children need to get done in an afternoon.  They have homework and projects and reading and studying.....  There are also so many sports and extra mural activities that they are involved in. They barely get time to chill and play and just be kids.  A parent's afternoon is equally hectic.  Between work and praparing a meal while assisting with homework, evening chores, dinner and bath time, there is very little room for family time during the week.

The Express!ons Kids Club's after care service, which includes a supervised homework facility and a range of extra mural activities, is open to all children.

We also offer holiday care programmes during most school holidays.  Please see events tab for dates.

Our children need to explore and be stimulated in order to reach their full potential and also be amazed and captivated by the wonderful world we are all part of. As part of the Express!ons Kids Club, children are free to explore and express themselves, in a supervised environment, all while learning and having fun. Our extra mural lessons include, art, yoga, karate, cooking & baking, as well as our Afrikaans vocabulary enrichment classes.

Depending on your needs and the time your child arrives at Kids Club, you can sign up for our aftercare service with supervised homework only, or you can also include the daily extra murals.  

Monday - Karate

Kimura Shukokai Karate.
Monday - Afrikaans Vocabulary Enrichment Classes Children explore Afrikaans vocabulary around a theme, through hearing, repeating, reading and writing.  Each class includes games, music, stories, or some activity to assist in reinforcing the learning.

Developing vocabulary improves understanding, leading to improved comprehension and creative writing skills.

Tuesday - Crafts

Various old school crafts and DIY projects.

Wednesday - Visual Art

Drawing and illustrating, painting, 3D art and paper crafts.
Wednesday - Little Kickers

Soccer programme to develop ball skills and game strategies.

Thursday - Smash Cricket

Cricket programme to develop game skills and techniques.

Thursday - Yoga

Yoga including life skills, breathing, visualization and de-stressing techniques.
Friday - Cooking & Baking  We alternate between cooking and baking techniques and the children enjoy making a variety of savoury and sweet dishes, which very rarely make it home :)

Above weekly outline is subject to change.
For fees, times and other information, please read the Enrollment Form and Agreement below.

You can sign up for Extra Mural classes individually.

Forms. Please click on the link to view / download. :