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The Express!ons Centre

Over the past couple of years, Express!ons has produced a wide range of creative art and craft projects for our holiday care programmes.  These projects are now available for schools and home use in the form of craft packs.

The individual packs include full step by step instructions and all the materials you will need to complete the project, using stationery and equipment that most students have. 

For schools, we provide a full lesson plan and a craft pack for the teacher to do along with the children to demonstrate the steps.  The lesson plans have detailed instructions and loads of pictures, making it easier for the teacher to follow.  We also YouTube instructional videos available for some instructions that may need a little more clarity.

Each child receives their own pre-packed student pack, eliminating the time-consuming prep work that a teacher would otherwise be faced with.  Our packs cover a wide range of skills.  Fine motor skills are developed, and creativity is stimulated through a variety of fun craft and art projects.

Many of our projects fit in with themes that are covered in a school syllabus so are a great addition to art curriculum.

Please visit our gallery to view available packs.

We are able to customise packs for schools that fit in with your weekly themes and budget, as well as assisting with a full art curriculum.
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